by lotta sleeps

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this is our debut.
this is about us.
this is about our home.
this is about you.
this is about your home,
your memories, fears and joys..


released January 11, 2013

lotta sleeps is...

Julius Meyer: vocals, acoustic guitar, clarinet, melodica
Ole Sterz: violin, mandolin, guitar, backround vocals
Maximilian Meyer: drums, french horn

all music is written by lotta sleeps
all lyrics written by Julius Meyer except "so wie die see" by Maria Schmidt

recorded & mixed by Tommy Clarke
mastered by Florian Schiller
designed by Lilli Scholtes
cover photo by Lisa Wangemann


all rights reserved



lotta sleeps Dresden, Germany

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Track Name: golden wings
it´s a sunday morning and i awake in bed
can´t stop smiling about yesterday
you look so pretty but also tired
your eyes sparkle and you smile
´cause you know that this feels right.

hey look at me now!
i´ll show you something
there are golden wings
and this one pair is for you
and hopefully you have no fear of flying
put your trust in me
i´ll keep us safe and sound.

for the ones who seek love
for the ones you know
don´t try it so hard ´cause someday it will find you.
i know what you are thinking
it´s easy for me to say
but before i met this girl i did the same as you.

i travelled the lands
walking barefoot through snow
sleeping under the trees
till i found a home.

love is like a journey with somebody by your side
who backs you up and keeps you warm
and maybe you´ll come back sometime

and i´ll drive us home ´cause i know you are the right
for me to share this one whole damn life
and if you show me yours than of course i´ll show you mine
and even if it´s worse i will never step aside.
Track Name: home
my home is my house
it is crooked but it is mine
and after thousand storms
it stands proud on it´s own.

tonight if you walk through the floor
you can hear the creaking boards
and the wind speaks to you
he has lot to tell.

wherever you will go
some parts of you will stay behind
and if you come back again
they are still waiting for you.

she walked into my life
and she put me of my stride
and the seasons passed us by
while we´re standing side by side.

and after all our ways
through valleys and hills
we´re standing in this place
wondering why we got here again.

wherever you will go
some parts of you will stay behind
and if you come back again
they are still waiting for you

wherever you will be
i´ll stay at our home
and no matter what you´ve done before
i will never let you down.
Track Name: set a fire to your hometown
i´m always waiting for something bigger
but now i´m staring.
are there any stars?!

the golden city
a constant liar
takes all the beauty
but it will be ok
´cause it´s what you want
i will never be happy in this town.

set a fire to your hometown
cut these diamonads with your paper sword.

the silver street lights lead me the way back
and now i realize
it will never be the same
like five years ago
it will never be the same
as our love was pure
it will never be like the time on your balcony
´cause you have your wings,now I see
then take your wings and fly away.
Track Name: new year
i know it was on the 13th of july
when we were walking in the park side by side
and you asked me if i believe in fate
well your big brown eyes were telling me that you do.

the whole summer we played hide and seek
and when i caught her she put the blame on me
new years eve i asked her if she wanna be my girl
she said she likes me but doesn´t know if it´s enough.

this is the new year and you´re back on you own
this is the new year and you´re fallen from your throne
this is the new year and i beg you don´t think twice
this is the new year filled up with a bunch of lies.

no i won´t let you get me down.
Track Name: end of poetry
and this
is the end
of my poetry.

and sam is dead
and there will be no more stories.

at the drive to galway
through thunder and storm
you took my hand and asked me
if i stood by your side.

and now your head
lays on my shoulder
and your eyes filled with tears
and i remember
like it was

like in older times
as you said you won´t cry
like in older times
as you said you know why
like in older times
as you said you won´t lie
like in older times
as you said you won´t cry

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